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A few minutes with Glenn McCullough, Jr.

By Kim Gallaspy

Glenn McCullough, Jr. is chairman of Advance Mississippi, a coalition of community, business and academic leaders working to develop superior energy policies that will foster economic growth in Mississippi. A former mayor of Tupelo, McCullough served as chairman of the Tennessee Valley Authority Board of Directors and spent 14 years in private business as vice president of McCullough Steel Products, Inc. In this issue, Pointe Innovation spends a few minutes with Glenn McCullough, Jr.


Fossil Fuels and Renewable Energy in Mississippi Grid Expansion

John Breaux and Glenn McCullough discuss future incorporation of renewable fuels into the Mississippi energy grid.

Mississippi’s energy grid will need expansion to keep up with growing demand. As MPB’s Carl Gibson reports, challenges lie ahead in balancing the use of cheap fossil fuels with the use of more costly renewable energy.

According to nonprofit energy coalition Advance Mississippi, the state’s demand for electricity will increase by 26 percent before 2030.