Biographical Sketch

Glenn McCullough is a former chairmen of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), America’s largest public power company. At this position and others, he has demonstrated his effectiveness as a consensus builder, executive leader, motivator, and excellent communicator.

Today, Glenn is  a senior executive and leader of several energy companies and other businesses, while also serving industry and educational organizations. He is a nationally recognized advocate for sound energy policy. With his extensive business experience and track record in improving profitability while creating jobs, Glenn helps organizations anticipate changes and trends and execute effective strategies to capitalize on opportunities.

Glenn began serving on the TVA board on November 19, 1999, following his nomination by President Clinton and U.S. Senate confirmation. President Bush named him chairman of the TVA board, a position he held from July 2001 to May 2005.

Under Glenn’s leadership, TVA achieved record performance in such areas as power generation, environmental improvement, community and economic development.

TVA achieved record power generation with a $950 million increase in power sales and a record 99.999 percent systems reliability over his five year leadership. Major clean air improvements included spending $1.7 billion on controls to reduce sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and particular matter.

TVA also had significant community and economic development, achieving record goals for capital investment, job and income growth and debt reduction. In fact, TVA was named the top utility in the county by SITE Selection magazine, while achieving its mission of providing affordable and reliable electricity to customers.

Glenn is CEO of GLM Associates, LLC and a partner in Ardillo, McCullough & Taggart, LLC corporate consulting firms specializing in business development, government relations and  executive counsel. He serves as chairman of the board for NuVision Engineering in Pittsburgh and Mid-Columbia Engineering in Richland, Washington.

In 1997, Glenn was elected Mayor of Tupelo, Mississippi, where he served until his apointment to the TVA. Mississippi Governor Kirk Fordice appointed Glenn director of the Appalachian Regional Commission, where he served from 1993-97, overseeing infrastructure improvements and industrial-park development.

From 1981-93, Glenn served at McCullough Steel Products, a family-owned business, as Sales Manager, Vice President. He was instrumental in adding 500 active accounts and significantly increasing revenues.

Glenn earned a bachelor’s degree in agricultural economics from Mississippi State University in 1977. The University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences honored him in 2002 as an Alumnus of the Year.