Financial Management

  • Achieved $2 billion in debt reduction at the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), lowering interest cost as a percent of revenue by 32 percent.
  • Fiscal conservative who as mayor of Tupelo, Mississippi, submitted budgets that were approved with no increase in taxes and reductions in fees to senior citizens and people with disabilities.
  • Works with three venture capital firms.
  • Responsible for the profitable growth of energy companies.

Job Creation

  • Under his leadership TVA was named the nation’s top economic development utility by SITE Selection magazine.
  • As mayor of Tupelo, led the development of the Fairpark District project, a 50-acre downtown development, attracting new jobs and enabling Tupelo to be named one of the top ten all America Cities, as designated by the National Civic League.
  • Proven executive leader who skillfully develops and implements strategic plans for profitable growth, meeting the needs of investors, management, and employees.

Operational Expertise and Consensus Building

  • Responsible for overseeing the TVA’s continued operation and related management issues for more than 45 power plants and 17,000 miles of transmission infrastructure.
  • As director of the Appalachian Regional Commission, he expanded Mississippi’s commitment to technical skills training and played a key role in gaining support for construction of a $600 million mine and power plant.
  • Sets financial and operational performance standards, with related performance measurements, at energy companies and related businesses.

Public Policy, Vision and Advocacy

  • Testified on numerous occasions before the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives.
  • Active engagement with prominent national energy organizations, including Electric Power Research Institute, Nuclear Energy Institute and Coal Utilization Research Council.
  • Leadership role with several energy policy organizations including Advance Mississippi, Mississippi Technology Alliance and Momentum Mississippi.


  • Frequent author, commentator, and keynote speaker on energy policy and related issues.
  • Expertise has been cited in The Wall Street Journal, Energy Daily, Fox Business News and numerous regional publications.
  • Twice served as commencement speaker, Mississippi State University.