A few minutes with Glenn McCullough, Jr.

By Kim Gallaspy

Glenn McCullough, Jr. is chairman of Advance Mississippi, a coalition of community, business and academic leaders working to develop superior energy policies that will foster economic growth in Mississippi. A former mayor of Tupelo, McCullough served as chairman of the Tennessee Valley Authority Board of Directors and spent 14 years in private business as vice president of McCullough Steel Products, Inc. In this issue, Pointe Innovation spends a few minutes with Glenn McCullough, Jr.

P.I.: How did you become involved in Advance Mississippi?
Advance Mississippi was organized last summer around the belief that sound energy policy is fundamental to having the clean energy required to power economic growth. It’s a mission I believe in so I’m pleased to serve with our growing membership of leaders from business, industry, economic development, education, agriculture and individuals who are united in advocating sound energy policy for economic growth in Mississippi.

P.I.: How is Mississippi doing in balancing smart energy policy and the desire for a clean environment?
Mississippi is making exciting progress implementing sound energy policy for economic growth and a cleaner environment. The Public Service Commission’s approval of a 178 megawatt uprate for Grand Gulf Nuclear Power Plant and the Gulf Liquefied Natural Gas facility in Jackson County are two examples of
sound energy policy that will power economic growth with cleaner air and water.

P.I.: Can our country have both clean energy and a strong economy?
Through enacting sound energy policy, Mississippi and the U.S. can have the energy required to power economic growth and cleaner air and water. Building new nuclear plants, adopting new technologies such as Integrated Gasification of Lignite coal with carbon capture for enhanced oil recovery as well as biomass generation are all advantages Mississippi can utilize in the future. Electric vehicles and SmartGrids are technologies that will play important roles in the future of energy efficiency and a cleaner environment.

P.I.: What is ahead for Advance Mississippi?
Advance Mississippi’s work has just begun. Our membership is growing. Activities like hosting Dr. Patrick Moore’s recent visit to Jackson are educational and interesting. Dr. Moore was a co-founder of Greenpeace and is now a leading advocate of safe, clean nuclear energy. Advance Mississippi will continue to work with the Mississippi Technology Alliance and others to promote sound energy policy.

P.I.: What is the best advice you ever received and who gave it to you?
“Do right, do your best, treat other people as you’d like to be treated,” wise advice given by Lou Holtz.

P.I.: What is the last book you read?
I just finished reading, Stranger in the Outfield, a book I recommend written by Norris V. “Piggie” Caldwell, a talented Mississippi author, friend and champion little league coach.